[ ZBHO - GIDC ] - "Cesar11" - " james hetfield (Metallica) "

Hey guys, very happy to be able to take part in this awesome challenge, big thanks to the ZBHO brothers and Zbrush central, i look forward to seeing all the great artwork that will spawn from this event.

I will be working on James Hetfield from the band Metallica.
I will be modeling this exact pose.

— Concept —

— Initial Block-out —

Good luck everyone.






i dig this pose a lot. any ideas how you will be doing the tattoos? eh? :smiley:

I’m thinking maybe poly paint, ill have to test different methods. Do you have any suggestions?

i figured that or just alphas. what i meant was, do you know what they look like complete?

love james so much, he rocks!

He also seems a little too square jawed and thick necked but damn dude, that hair is spot on for his more recent look.