ZBC Now Supports YouTubeHD!

Here’s a great tutorial on creating HD video and uploading it to YouTube:


As you can see, it is playing in HD mode which has just now been added to ZBrushCentral. For the code (with examples) to use in order to do this, see here:


One handy tip is that you can add “&hd=1” to the end of the video’s number. For example:


This parameter tells the player to automatically select the HD resolution when it starts.

Now let’s see those hot turntables and demo reels. :slight_smile:




Very awesome! Clean, straight forward… very nice!

Thank you Aurick :smiley: For the great tips on HD Vid.

sweet! thanks for the info!

Very good. This will realy help show work from all angles. Will be shure to use this. Thanks

Awesome! Thanks aurick :+1:

A new feature that put ZBC on EDGE!

nice - thx.