ZBC Interview: Gears of War - Judgement


Has it really been almost seven years since Gears of War was first released by Epic Games? When the title first released in November of 2006 it’s safe to say that nobody expected it to become one of THE defining titles for the Xbox 360 platform. It sold over three million copies in just ten weeks and kicked off a major franchise that spawned three more game titles (Gears of War 2, Gears of War 3 and most recently, Gears of War: Judgement) as well as various books, comics and even a motion picture (currently in development by New Line Cinema).

As a look back, many of you will likely remember the spectacular interview that Epic Games did for us after the release of Gears of War 2. If you haven’t read it yet – or just want a refresher – we invite you to check it out, along with the massive Gears of War 3 Character Art Dump and Environment Art threads on ZBrushCentral.

While Epic Games has been the recognized wizards behind the series, they haven’t worked alone! Another company – People Can Fly – handled adapting the first Gears of Wars release for the PC and has continued to be involved ever since. Today we are pleased to bring you this interview with the art team at PFC concerning their work on Gears of War: Judgement. Additionally, we got some thoughts from the Epic team concerning the collaboration.

We hope you enjoy it!


A few images from the interview. High resolution versions are available in the interview itself.

Please join us in thanking Kamil, Michal, Bartosz, Chris Perna, Kevin, Mark and Chris Wells for sharing this glimpse into the magic behind the game’s visuals. Feel free to also post questions that you might have. We’re told that they’ll be checking in here and look forward to talking with you! Thanks also to Epic Games and People Can Fly for their support and willingness to see this interview happen!

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