ZBC Interview: Alejandro Pereira


Alejandro Pereira is a highly talented freelance artista with more than 7 years experience in the world of film and animated series production. He decided to focus his knowledge by mixing two of his passions: 3D animation and traditional sculpture. Eventually, he narrowed that to just sculpture.

To date, Alejandro has worked with a large number of important licensors: Marvel, DC, Disney-Pixar and Universal Studios among them. Other credits include ARH Studios, Gentle Giant, McFarlane Toys, Pop Culture Shock, Funko and others.

His 3D printed statuettes are spectacularly detailed, with a great sense of form and movement. We hope that you enjoy this journey into the mind of a First-Class figure creator!


A few images from the interview. High resolution versions are available in the interview itself.

Please join us in thanking Alejandro for sharing thoughts and artwork! Feel free to also post questions that you might have. We’re told that he’ll be checking in here and looks forward to talking with you!

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It was a honor an a pleasure!!!

Amazing art.

I like your work.

you have incredible sculpture work. I love the Batman vs Predator!! such and interesting mash up :slight_smile:


Inspiring, motivating work.

Do you hire live models to work out the pose, or use some other method? Do you regularly attend life sculpting classes?

Also do you need a beast machine (dual 12 core xeon) to work with files like batman and predator, or do you just decimate as you sculpt.

Thank you for the interview and inspiration.

Where is that Supes with the red eyes in the gallery?

Wow…this is super awesome!

Thanks for these words!please feel free if you have questions.:+1:

very impressive your work

his is super awesome!

This was very motivating for me. New to zbrush and to zbrush central; reading these interviews helps keep me motivated in my studies. Alex, your work is phenomenal. Your “Batman vs. Predator” is my new wallpaper (just for a little inspiration). Seeing others work and what other have accomplished helps let me know that I can too, create work like that, if I put the work in.

I only have a couple weeks of zbrush under my belt from school, but like you said in your interview, the minute zbrush clicked for me, I knew this was going to be my program.

At any rate, thank you so much for sharing your thought process of your work and how zbrush works for you, it’s very appreciated and helpful.


your works is amazing. and inspiring. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

I love the interview. It is inspiring for everyone who read it. Also the Stuff you are doing man is wonderful. Keep doing the amazing work.

Loved this gallery so much. A truly beautiful art :wink:

Thanks! It looks amazing!

I like it

My heroo! super mannnn

Best ever! He is my favourite hero, so as yours. Great art…just wonderful :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have any video tutorial for this amazing work?
If any, please, share with me.