ZBC 2016 in Review




ZBrushCentral has always been about the spirit of sharing: Sharing art, sharing techniques and most of all sharing inspiration. With each year, the artists using ZBrush have raised the bar ever higher and 2016 was no exception. It is simply incredible how many different ways ZBrush gets used, and what fantastic results are seen around the world!

This year, we wanted to do something new by sharing the highlights from 2016 on ZBC. This video recaps the Top Row images that have been contributed by our users. We hope that you enjoy watching it as much as we’ve enjoyed seeing it come together!

At the same time, we want to thank EVERYONE who has participated on the forum throughout the year. ZBrushCentral – and ZBrush itself – would not be what it is without all of you. Thank you!

Happy Holidays from Pixologic
Here’s wishing you the very best for 2017![/COLOR]

Oh waauw! Really cool to see these all again, so much amazing art was made this year!!!

Nothing about jewelry!!?? Come on!!! :cry:

Thanks to Zbrushcentral for creating this inspiring slide show of the awesome works … glad to see my artwork once again … and wish I’ll be able to post more in 2017 … Thanks once again for your encouragements to all the artists …

Thanks ZBrushcentral. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

So much amazing talent! And enough inspiration to keep us going into 2017!

Thanks ZBrushcentral!!!Thanks for your encouragements!!!

Great idea to compile all the top row work together in a video. :sunglasses:small_orange_diamond:+1:

always inspired from the best :smiley:

Thanks to the pixologic team for posting my work on the 2016 highlights!! its such an honor to see my work along side the art of many artist that have inspire me, this year i really want to share my process and techniques with the industrial and transportation community, zbrush is an amazing tool for my area and hope to share the process with even more people this year.

Thanks again! & Happy New Year!

Ilel David



I’m honoured and humbled to be featured amongst such incredible artists. Thanks Pixo! :slight_smile:

That was soooooooooo FRIGGIN AWESOME!!!