ZB3 60 second doodle thread.

Ofer. Jaimie. Pixologic. Congratulations. This. This is just incredible. I’m so proud to see what you have accomplished with this. I always felt a little sheepish about learning the idiosyncracies of the painting tools when I wasn’t sculpting, but now I’m really glad I did. all of it translates to the new tools so very well. pixols indeed. so glad that Z3 makes this kind of thing doodle-able in 60 seconds while I’m on the phone. wow.bays first minute in zbrush3.jpg

I think that’s the fastest speed sculpt I’ve seen.

I’d love to see more.

starting from the default head instead of a sphere.


wow. the zhook tool is magic.

Is that Bay Raitt? Pleasure to see you here! :smiley: Nice doodles, I have to agree from by brief experiments ZB3 is astounding, it just makes modelling a joy!

yup. that’s me. thanks dood. playing with the mat cap and brush changes. ah, tweek is now move. fun.


here’s a timelapse movie of me doing that last one. forgot to start the movie from the sphere. oops.

Nice work there pal.

so addictiveZB360_01.jpg

Thanks for the movie and share what ever you feel is good for us:+1:


Nice to hear from you. Your message board hasn’t been getting much action so I’m glad you’re here.

Anyway, I have install problems with ZB3, so how’s the ‘flatten’ brush? Have you tried it yet?

Nice work.

Oh, if you are interested in a cool tutorial, check out the tutorials section. I just posted something there. I’m sure you’d like it.

BTW, nice head model.

Revanto :stuck_out_tongue: