ZB2022: Mesh disappearing when using sculpting brushes immediately after move brush


Sorry if this isn’t the best place to report issues like this, I’m new here.

I’m running into an issue in ZB 2022 where using various sculpting brushes immediately after using the move brush causes my mesh to disappear. Namely the clay, claybuildup, claytubes, dam standard.

This only happens on meshes of moderately high point count, it doesn’t seem to happen on lower resolution meshes.

I guess it’s a viewport bug as rotating the mesh will cause the missing parts to snap back into view but it’s quite annoying and disruptive when sculpting.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Is this a known issue?

The repo steps are:

  1. Make a sphere
  2. Convert to dynamesh with a res of ~256
  3. Use the move brush (bmv)
  4. Then use clay buildup (bcb)
  5. Parts of the mesh should disappear when sculpting

I’m using an RTX 2070 with the latest studio drivers (472.47) if that info is useful.



this problem has been reported and Pixologic dev team is already working on it.
Just be patient.
Thank you,

same issue here, regret updating, now can’t load subtools in old version

Same problem. When will this be fixed?
Keeps me from sculpting

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same problem

This is fixed in 2022.0.1 so be sure to update.

I am using 2022.0.1 on MAC and I’m still having disappearing mesh issues. Sometimes the subtool is visible only when I snap to constrained views but as soon as I rotate out of the axis the mesh disappears. Very frustrating and buggy.