ZB I couldn't make without you - NYC 3D Print week & Silicon Valley fashion show

Hello all, this is my first post. I greatly admire many of your talent and incredible works. I would like to thank members for their generosity to share amazing designs, knowledge and patiently answer questions to help newcomers like myself.

I have sculpture and pottery background with a high end design day job. To be able to get in to digital tools was quite a journey. Not that I am old but let’s say have enough experience :slight_smile: so I was ok. with not to use any software to survive for a long time. If I haven’t seen ZB, I wouldn’t dare to start (especially after my Rhino moments :confused:) than it wouldn’t lead two fashion shows on a row, top of that I didn’t know how to do 3D print. Funny part I committed first show even before creating any designs. Point was I know how to design…all I need to do put it in ZB. :idea: Well you may think that I have slightly “brave personality” problem.

Here are some pictures of end results. I figured models might be a change than files.
Special thanks goes to Joseph Drust for his patience at the 3D printing class. My only work was a meditating sheep :smiley: I hope that I deserved a B+ when I showed my 3D bracelet to him at NYC 3D week. Also Tomas Wittelsbach, his designs help me to see possibilities at the very first time. And Paul Gaboury for .…I don’t remember exactly but he was quite entertaining at the summit :slight_smile: and I promised him in NY to post my ZB endeavor.

Thanks for reading. Take care,









Congrats! The 3d print result is interesting and perfectly suited for fashion. Can’t wait to see more…

Thanks Lynne! :slight_smile: I was very happy to create stuff that are not precious materials, so there is no restriction.
Hopefully I will post more new pieces. If anybody curious to see more

link to NY
Silicon valley