Z4 Beta Testing By: Frederik Storm

In the testing period I made 5 models, these models are all made 100% in Zbrush4, the renders are made entirely in Z4 as well, rendered with the BPR (Best Preview Render),
though Photoshop was used to make the final adjustments to the BPR renders, such as DOF, color correction etc.

Final images

Space Rhino
This Space Rhino was the third model I made. It was great fun to design the hard-surface parts using the clipping brushes, shadowbox, and zspheres.
The ability to save the scene as a Project, made it easy to play with the features of BPR. The glasses and helmet are all rendered inside Z4, with BPR’s transparency feature:


Hope you guys like the models, and I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions :wink:

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space rhino02.jpg


Amazing… I Totally Wish I Had Your Skills Bro… I Love Your Dedication To Getting Great At Sculpting…your Stuff Here Is Superb

Super lækre modeler. Du har nok den fedeste toon stil jeg længe har set. Tilpas løs i det, men med masser af kontrol og tanke bag. :+1:

Drop det der HTX pjat og kør ZBrush 24/7 ;):smiley:

Some stunning pieces here Storm, the Rocket turtle is just perfect:lol:

Well done!!

insane characters! cool!

keep zbrushing!


All amazing work, no doubt but…that Rocket Turtle KICKS A$$!!!
The look on his face…priceless.

Truly amazing work. Your videos have really opened my eyes to the possibilities of the clip brushes. I must ask, do you start your pieces with zspheres? Specifically how did you start the turtle and rhino?

Great work man, thanks for sharing and congratz on beta testing!:+1:

Frederik, your characters are always so much fun and so well done.
Excellent stuff! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1: The Rhino and the Rocket Turtle are so cool!
I need to watch your videos now. Thanks for posting them all. :slight_smile:

hahaha… you sneaky little brat…
awesome models as always. you got a very good sense of form.



Man…some nice characters you got…I’ve been meaning to comment more during the beta-phase but I had soooo much work…I like all of the characters but the turtle is so clean and the contrast of the hard-surface rocket pack to
the soft skin of him is just sweet…Nice work!

Thanks for all the comments guys, I really appreciate it.
And I’m super excited to see what you are all gonna do with Z4

Let me know if you guys have any other questions. And like I said, the entire process of modeling the rhino have been recorded, so if there is any parts you’d like to see, I might be able to get a little video uploaded, just let me know :wink:





love your characters… thanks for sharing all those vids…

Spectacularly good stuff! I looove that jumping monster. And all the rest.

I just love this style. Great inspiration!

Those clipping brushes!!! This is insane power in the hands of artist!
Great job dude! I enjoyed your videos and characters! Well done!

Tell me, how is the Subtool organization ?
In the video i saw you scrolling and moving up and down subtools… in the same old stupid way ? What changes are there ?

Wow great style, awesome characters.
Hardsurface looks amazing.
Can’t wait to put my fingers on ZB4.

Great stuff! I really love your style!

Thank you :wink: I’m really glad you could use the videos.

Thanks man! Both the jumping monster and the Knights Templar are actually sculpted into the pose, which was a great way to capture some odd shapes.

Haha :smiley:
Thanks again man, I’m really glad you like it.

Thank you, glad you like the videos, and I’m sure you are gonna love the clipping brushes :wink:
I’v never really liked designing hard surface parts (which properly shows from all the models I’ve created the last couple of years), but its so much fun with these new tool.
And there is new way of sorting your sub-tools, but I learned about this feature quite late, and then it was a struggle against old habits.
In Z4 you can press “N” which will bring up a menu with all your sub-tools, if youve spend some time naming them, pressing say “F” will act as shown below (this of cause requires that you’ve named your tools, which I didn’t exactly do, because I was not aware of the feature).
The same thing with the brushes (which really is a time saver!) press “B” and then say, “M” to highlight all the move brushes.

Also I should mention the “solo-mode” which will save a lot of time, as you won’t have to hide and unhide subtools all the time.

Thanks man, really great to hear!

@Derek Frenzo
Thank you, really glad you like them :smiley:

Again, thanks for all the comments guys.