Z4 Beta Testing By: Andre Holzmeister

Hello guys, I am really proud of making part of this team, with such great artists! That said, let`s get to it.

Here is my personal rendering of Blanka, I gave him a short haircut with the fibers. I started this model before jumping to Z4, but found it perfect to finish it, I used move elastic to correct some proportions, added a bit of details and used BPR to render some passes, and composed him in Photoshop. Basemesh made in 3ds max




Here i am going to post some wip images or new angles











It’s great to see you on this team, Andre :slight_smile:

Arthur Knight looks awesome! Really cool!

Keep us posted :wink:

the knight is awesome! hige-man, too!..

but the knight is - well - AWESOME!


Why is there an odd color shift halo in some of the knight renders? (You can see a red/green line around some of them.)


nice stuff!

So thats actually on purpose? I was wondering if it was a beta release issue…

Blanka does make more sense with that haircut.

Hi Pedro, How is everything doing my friend! Thank you, I tried to do my best here in my very busy schedule, i hope I had more time in hands to produce the lip-sync I intended to! By the way, give my compliments to Jon, this Knight was concept created in his class, and I did went a little further in development back there!

Chem- Thanks dude! I really appreciate it :wink:

Gareee - Yes dude i did this on purpose, in photoshop later… i was kinda experimenting!

Wallasaurus - Thanks dude, and thanks for the link too :wink:

jjjaime - i Think he didn’t like it, look how he is angry, I bet it is `çouse of the haircut :D:D:D

Thanks for the support guys!

Usually you see that color shift halo effect in a slightly blurrier image. Maybe blur it slightly, to achieve that effect you are looking for?

Killer armor sculpt, BTW!

Hey man!

Great stuff!! Blanka looks awesome! Love the spit haha :stuck_out_tongue:

And the details on your Knight is really great! I am guessing LOTS of decobrush? :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats on the Beta testing! Wish it would have been me :frowning: hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Like the Making of pieces (basemesh, shadow box wips, clip brush, etc.)?

Really great Stuff, I like them all!
keep going

Garee - yeah, the other 3 images at the top have the same effect and it work much better, anyways as sayd i experimented and liked it this way too, you found it a bit disturbing?

Energise - Thanks dude, actually there is some decobrushes going on, but many parts needed to be done by hand, i made a new DAM_standard like brush, i love this brush from Damian Canderle, and used it to create most of the decorative art, i will make some video tutorial on how i made it…

selahpoetic - Not right now… i captured some videos, but dude i am completely out of time the last couple of weeks to put this together… i hope i can make them soon enough

Duque - Thanks friend! I really appreciate it!

I wouldn’t say disturbing, but it looked like double vision color noise in an otherwise clean image. (Kind of like seeing a great images with jpeg artifacts in it.) Typically with digital cameras people try postwork to eliminate that. (It is usually the sign of someone using a cheap digital camera.)

Since I sometimes grab zbrush work posts as personal desktop wallpaper, I passed on yours because even if I desaturated the images, there would still be that double vision edge issue.

I’m just used to seeing super clean sharp edged images coming out of ZB. (Like your sheriff wip images.)

Mainly it was the bottom very sharp images that it looked out of place in.

I’m sure its just a personal taste sort of thing, so please don’t take it as negative feedback on outstanding work.

Holly Jesus…that paladin it´s fu…ing awsome!!!congrats man…

Cool! I would definitely wanna try out your new Dam_brush :slight_smile:


Really great Stuff!!!:+1:
…congrats man!:smiley: