Z3 movies? Post your link here...

Since the release of ZBrush 3 with its built-in QuickTime and a ‘one click’ turntable recorder, we have seen many Z3 movies popping across the net.
If you have seen a Z3 movie which you liked (or have recorded yourself) please post a link to it in this thread. If possible, please include a short description of the linked movie.


Cyber Mutant Head:

Goblin Bust

I have been posting my art on www.veoh.com

Here is my “channel” http://www.veoh.com/channels/nickz

There are some mini tutorials and a showcase of some of my work.

I hope you all enjoy the work!

NickZ. :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. I also have some of these videos on sharecg.com and virb.com just do a search for nickz or nickzucc.

This might interest people thinking of using 3D Layers to change poses for animation:

Here is a video i did, my first model with ZB3 also, i hope you enjoy, feel free to leave some comments!


Very talented people here. Here are my attempts:

Reptilian Grey



My little contribution:


I came up with a work around for rigging multi-mesh characters.

Insert Mesh. It’s not perfect by a long shot but at least it gives you a reasonable starting point for a posed character with close and accessories.

Special thanks to Plakkie and Rastaman for continued R&D in teh field.

hey poda the link dosent work… atleast not for me :confused: just wanted to let you know

Thanks for the heads up ShadowSkull. I have updated it.

no prob always happy to help :wink:

Here are a few more attempts at sculpting in ZBrush. I’m still learning, so be gentle. :slight_smile:


A place for all my Z3 videos. Currently working on a caterpillar and placing progress videos here.

• MAHstudios Z3Channel •

Torso sculpting:



here is my oldman concept from Zb3 (4mb mov)

The majority of my image posts in my WIP thread have a link to turn arounds of my models. Nice work thus far. I’m enjoying the work that has been coming from the new tools.


Here’s a WIP. From a zSphere I started making a rough female form. I retopoed that and began adding edge loops. Unfortunately bad things started happening whenever I did an edge loop so I kind of stalled there. If you watch closely you’ll see the error near the end of the video.

Please let me what you think:( and i if this has happened to you).



I tried it and youtube says the vid isn’t there. :cry:

My bad. I uploaded the .zmv not the .mov

This should work:


Interesting workflow. I love seeing how other people work. Do you have a final image of the woman you were sculpting?

Totally, I love the woman with the dreds on your site as well.