Z3 experiments FUN FUN and yes FUN!!!!

This was the easiest download and installment of all the different versions of Z I have dealt with in the past…KUDOS Pixologic team:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

I am running it on my old machine still (P3) and it is working like a champ. Having to look a bit on the new UI but I still love it.

First major fun has been using the alphas while sculpting…so so so easy…haven’t delved any further yet, but I will (like everyone else) post my own results and experiments as I go along…

thnx Pix and team once again,



(thumbnailed image)

nothing earth shattering from me, but detailing is now super easy…now if you will excuse me I will resume fainting…

Yea totally agree with you , the moment the mail arrived it was easy to setup.

Picture is sorta on the small side ron, but keep em coming :wink:

Meesa glad yooosa likey likey Ron. :smiley: Oh yeah…I am still here lurking about. Unfortunately I have not gotten any download info yet despite having a 24 hour advance pre-registering on the beta forums. :confused:

Cool, Ron! This should open up doors for a lot of us. Mentat, sent you a PM a few days ago…hope to hear from ya. Sorry to hijack your thread, Ron.

LONNIE!!! good to have you checking in ya ole lurker. Never got a PM on here… :frowning: Drop me an email and we can hook up somehow…sorry to hear ya aint got yer letter yet…I was suprised this time by the ease of the upgrade, normally I was the last one to get it…lol…luck of the Scottish I guess… We definitely have to catch up though.

Brian…:slight_smile: no problem, hijacking is about like bondage…muhahahahaa it’s all good in the end.:wink: Yeah this opens up alot of doors…looking over the rigging stuff now. Going to attempt to repose one of my old characters…hopefully it works and I will post the result.

Namek!!! I love seeing my old buddies coming outta the woodworks today…Great to have ya back on board. Yeah I did the AA on the image, definitely shrank the pic for sure.

talk at yall in a bit…back to rigging/posing.


:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :sunglasses: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: to Z3

Hi Ron,great to see you have your hands on the elusive wonders of zb3!Im dying to get it but am one of the waiters lol!Oh well,atleast Im having fun looking at what possabilties I will have at some point soon.Actually you showed my zbrush in the first place so my horrible feeling of not having something I really want like thousands have all around me is your fault!So I hope you feel bad for me .:laughing:

Wish me luck buddy,
cal:+1: :+1: :+1:

just got zb3 and have installed successfully very easily!Thanks Ron and thanks Pixologic!!

No, no Ron. Not, “Mentat sent you a PM a few days ago”, but “Mentat, sent you a PM…” as in, I sent one to him. So you probably won’t find one from Lonnie in your inbox. Sorry for the confusion. :confused:

thnx Cal…yeah my brain is already turning to joyous mush…but in a good way…

I did have one problem. I am trying to rig a model. Crashed z a few times already. I am following the Rigging tut in the wiki, but when I go to shift to the high rez mesh the model goes to the level 6 but also goes back to the original spread eagle pose. And tips…here is what I mean…

any ideas???

Hehe Thats rocking Ron! :smiley:

thnx Tartan. Still have woes with the posing…I am sur ethis will pass…but…I am still having a blast…one of the things I was wanting to do with z3 was rework some of my older models…loving the alpha brushing.this is so freakin’ kewl to play with. Latest result…


Ron … awesome pic!:+1:

Hey Ron, thanx for sharing your fun with us, great results :),

About your name, did you by any chance also directed some children animation shorts?


Thnx Moochie!

Now this head is the first I have modeled in the new z3. (*a note for peeps, z3 doesn’t like alot of z2 models, skinned or raw)

Still was having problems with posing, and had no replies or answers to that dilema…so I did a head of course :smiley:

Not the greatest that is for sure…lol





Have you tried the rigging with transpose or with an underlying Zsphere model?

I find Transpose + Masking to be more effective atm, the Zsphere rigging seems a bit buggy.

I like the new model , good work :+1: :+1:

wow… you did it very well!
damn, I can’t wait to try it out :smiley:

Wow friend this last is just outstanding!

Heya Ron. Are you using a subtool for the eyeballs? If so here is a handy tip… if you select the head tool you can move the eye sockets around the eyeball and make the lids fit just perfect. In fact you can do that with any tool/subtool setup. Position the subtool the way you want the sculpt manipulate the parent tool around the subtool…you can even do it the other way around and scuplt/move the subtool around the parent. This is one of the features I really like about using subtools.

Also about your zsphere rigging, I can’t remember the steps I took exactly and I will have to wait til I get home to look at it again but I think what you may be wanting to do is create an adaptive skin from the posed model. Once you have created the zif skeleton and moved the model around the way you want just choose Make Adaptive Skin and it will create a new posed mesh. The original can be put back into its original pose simply by turning off the BIND option. At least that’s how I am remembering it. I will look some more when I get home to refresh my noggin.

thnx again yall. I have to check out the transpose stuff…I feel like a virign newbie with z3…lol…Feeling my way about as I go.

I will try your suggestions when I finish with this guy. It’s a z2 model I started working on the middle or near end of February. Gotta find some of my ref pics around here for the ribs. He is a bit on the short side I think. And knowing me he will probably end up one of the undead. Trying to watch Annoconda and model at the same time…:smiley:

Well here is the latest incarnation of my little man. Have a great weekend. Again thnx for the advice, I will certainly try anything and everything at this point.


edit…worked on the feet some more. thumbnail shows beforehand on the feet…long ways to go still… :smiley:



Haven’t completely left the one above…gotta learn some more Z3 first though…

Played around again with the magic again tonight…gave my son a mohawk hair cut the other night, so thought it fitting for this scaly headed wild eyed heathen in z3 should have one also… :smiley:

thnx for lookin’



I see you are getting to grips with Z3, Ron. this is all looking very good. I’m still playing and leanring so i havn’t posted anything in a Time.

Anyway keep up the good work, I’ll be back soon.