Hi there,

This is a piece that I created time ago for Pixologic/Zbrush as an advertisement for Cinefex Magazine number 100 (page 92). Here I can show a little bit more of details that you can’t see in the printed version. Every model, textures and render were done using the great Zbrush 2.0. Everything was done in 3D, except for the hair that I created in 2D using the amazing “deco brush” in ZBrush. All the textures were painted using texture master. I also used different materials/shaders for the same objects. For the face I used 5 different shaders to add different levels of specularity to the skin. For everything I used a little bit of the great Sokar’s skin shader as base, that you can download from pixolator forum. I used PS just for the final comp and color adjustments.

I hope you enjoy,

ps.: some close-ups are coming :slight_smile:final2.jpg

Very good!! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:
like the eyearea :slight_smile:

spectacular…truly amazing…you’ll have to shed some light on how you create these just, beyond belief, complete zbrush pictures.

I really like the deatils…very nice



The face and body position looks very similar to your picasso works!
Great work!

very cool! beautiful work, Kris!


Thanks a lot my friends! I’ll post more shots in few minutes. About the pose that looks like my first Picasso studies because I started this work using Pablo Picasso figure but because of copyrights I had to turn him into another guy. In fact, this is a modified version of my Pablo Picasso head and body to avoid problems with the copyright thing :wink:

Cya and thanks again,

Here some more images with more details:

More images coming soon,

Kris dud wow!
Awesome stuff!
Really amazing work. The texture work is to die for.

Oh hey! I want a Zshaped Ztool too! :wink:
Gonna have to make one now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait to see more.

One word: fantastic!

It´s like a true photo friend.

It´s awesome and i love all the little details.

The tex it´s …

:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

PS: We need a step by step :wink: .

What do they mix you brazilian guys into the water? I’m speechless.

is just fantastic¡¡
i wish if you can share your approach to this outstanding work¡¡

A great work by a great artist…did you do your post-production work in Zbrush
or did you use photoshop on this, again , fantastic work ?


Hi Antropus,

What can I say? these images are just amazing stuff, there is a spare room at my house. Your welcome for free stay as long as you like :slight_smile:
Just two requirements.
1 Show me how you do this incredible work.
2 Show me how you do this incredible work.

Congrats and show us more.

Have yourself a really great Christmas.


Breath taking stuff. Apart from the models (that are awesome) your texturing and material skill just push it to that level that inspires others. :wink:
Beleza né! :smiley:

wohhooo, what amazing detaiils!!!
I know that the decobrush is one of the greatest tools, but i didnt try to use it for hair… thx for that tip =)



Content,execution and creativity -all excellent.

Very nice Kris!

I love the detail on the hair and the texture.
:+1: :+1: :+1: