Z-Blaster (Shadowbox fun)

Theres been a while since I post something.
I wanted to play around with shadow box. I think its a great tool to quickly generate base meshs.
The clippers brush are damn efficient too!

A bit of fun with a blaster concept I exhumed from my old guns experiments…




Cool :slight_smile:

Makes me realise I have to play around with shadowbox more…

Starting the detailing based on the rough model




vraiment une tres bonne utilisation du shadowbox, tres reussit j’ai hate voir le final :slight_smile: bonne continuation !

looks like the zbrush conf gave you ideas.
watch out for the “danger zone” :lol:

I could see this process as being pretty efficient to get a quick 3D study, like you have now, and do a paintover concept with a nice perspective to it.

Or, in your case, probably turn this into a kick-ass fully detailed 3D model :smiley:

A bit of projection master work:




Wow, this is shaping up great! What’s the average polycount on parts like the body, grip and nozzle ? :sunglasses: :+1:

Looks great! I can easily see this being a blaster in a video game. :smiley:


the front handle is almost 2 millions, the muzzle is 400 000, the back of the main body part is made of 2 blocks, around 2 millions each.

Almost finished!

Wow, thank you…this is great and really educational!

your projection master skills are mind blowing! !

Remains the Ironsights, trigger and I might add a belt on the back:




from basic to badass! :+1:

Finaly finished!





awesome work Sebcesoir !

Turned out awesome! :+1:

cant believe its made entirely in zbrush!:+1:


Reminds me I should have a go at using this ShadowBox thing…

Did you use projection master only for the detailing or did it involve some hard surface fun with Trim, Clips etc…?

There’s so many features for Hard Surface in Zbrush now… Planar, Trim, Polish, Projection Master, New Masking brushes, Clips, Shadowbox.

I’d really love to see another video tutorial from you, Seb. The Projection Master techniques was awesome. Are you planning to come up with another one ? ^^

as i was looking through the first few pictures, i was thinking “bleh this is really tame…” but as i scrolled down, i was just like “WHOA. that is cool. i want to do that.” very nice job man, i need to learn how to do that!!!

one thing that bothers me though, idk if anyone else notices this, but the grip is REALLY small…either this is supposed to be an enormous gun or the guy holding its gotta have really small hands haha but besides that, it looks great!