Your Favourite Cartoon/Anime Character

Little challenge for anyone who’s interested.

Model your favourite childhood cartoon character, or any cartoon or anime character.

Feel free to do your low poly modelling in another program, i’ll be using blender for modelling and zbrush for sculpting.

Gonna start mine tomorrow, we’ll see how it goes.

Here’s a Bugs Bunny i started ages ago and never finished.bugs bunny.jpg

This a Low Poly Mesh of Poliwrath (Pokemon) done in Blender3D

Will start sculpting tomorrow.

Poliwrath Low Poly.jpg

wow can you give it time to take off? and at least tell us the duration of it?

Take as long as you need, i just wanna see what people come up with.

well then its not a challenge its just a showreel of cartoon/anime characters.

give me a date start and a end date and I’ll be all over it. Just make it more organized, please.

Fair Enough, Fri 1st October, thats 8 weeks from today, gives anyone who doesn’t get to spend much time on this sorta thing a chance.

Been playing about with my Low Poly Poliwrath, decided to give him toes, thats him all ready for sculpting in ZBrush.Final Low Poly.jpg


Final Low Poly 2.jpg

hay i made poliwraith for my uni project but i used maya to model the base mesh and mudbox for the sculpting. i wasnt aloud to use zbrush but let me know what you guys think its my interpritation of a relistic look of poliwraith from a concept image i found. i have also posted this image up on 3dtotal forum

could you fix the name it is poliwrath http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Poliwrath_(Pokémon)

I think it’s awesome.
Only two crits are: 1. I think his feet are too small.
2. Where is the white spot with the black spiral
on his belly? I think you can give that a realistic look

im not to sure on how about to do the swirl like either do the typical one from the show or… do like a animalistic style pattern seeing as this model does actualy have a war kinda tatto on his upper back and on his shoulders. i was thinkin along the line of how frog have different pattern to warn of threats im taking that approach to it.

i dnt think the fee are to small it may jus be the render though but i will have a look at it. im jus in the middle of rigging it now lol for animation lol:) :smiley: :eek:

cheers man yeha i think the feet are just an illusion of the size in that render at the moment. how ever as far as the belly goes because i am doin a relistic interpritation of the character. i wud have thuahgt haveing the same pattern on his belly would make it look more like a game character rather than a realistic character realy . its kinda borderlin game/real. cinimatic style is what i am lookin for realy. but the way i thaught about doin the pattern would be in a kinda of a swirl but now so dominant straight away, and with inspiration from posioness frog. they have different pattern to let you know what tpye of frog they are and to warn of any threats. so im still unsure how to do it and what tpye of pattern to do.

thanks for the help :smiley:

Maybe you could do something really subtile like this:
[Poliwraith suttle swirl.jpg](javascript:zb_insimg(‘240635’,‘Poliwraith%20suttle%20swirl.jpg’,1,0))
I know it’s not much but it’s just that poliwrath needs his spiral. Without it’s just not poliwrath:lol:.
But I think I’m too late now since I read you were rigging allready. Really would love to see this animated!

well nah i cud still do the spiral cus it just the texture but itf it to do with any sculpting thats fine lol like animated bump maps and shizzle i guess. yeah im just settin up the muscle for it now lolnot sure if i got placement of the muscle bones in the rit place yet lol. but yeah it gona be poliwraith VS blastoise in a confronting terratory animation lol.

do you recon i could have mayby a bit more white color in their with a bit of dirt over laying it ?

I don’t completely understand what you were saying:confused:. But I don’t think you have to change anything it’s good how it is now. But if you add some white to the belly, I think it will look more like a pokémon and people will recognise him better.

Hi all I thought i would have a go at this challenge. I decided to model Eddy one of the hyena’s in the lion king. The sculpt took roughly 4 hours to complete.


here is a timelapse

I am just a newbie with this and I admire all of your works. This is really a time eater.

agrandissement *****

Model your favourite childhood cartoon character, or any cartoon or anime character.

There are a few months old now, but hopefully it’s not a problem.





wish someone would do some inuyasha characters

my favourite cartoon character is stewie griffin, from family guy. hes a 2 year old baby, with an adults voice, swears alot and generally makes me laugh 99% of the time.