Young Rock! Parade Balloon

This was an awesome sprint project with my friends at Giant Step Studios! I had the privilege of designing and sculpting this balloon for Dwayne Johnson’s new TV series “Young Rock” coming February 2021.

I was responsible for designing by pencil sketch and concept sculpting in ZBrush. I also created the final model with topology, UVs and textures. Other artists were responsible for the rigging, animating, ropes and roto-scoping animation. A HUGE thanks to my friend and former student Ash Samet for referring me to the gig.


Haha…this is so good, the rock as an inflatable balloon!!! :pray:

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This is so awesome, great job @smaartist

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Thank you Jaime! I’m so glad you liked it! It was a funny concept, and I’m so happy that my projects from the Beta got me warmed up for such an awesome gig! haha! :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

Thank you Kyle! I’m glad you like it! :smiley:

This is hilarious. Well done!

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Thanks Raphael! :pray::pray::pray:

You literally gave The Rock an inflated ego. Or at least a swelled head. :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw this in the parade. Had no idea that it was created using ZBrush. Very cool, and well done.

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Thanks Matthew! Yeah! It was a stellar bit of fun! Grateful to have had the opportunity. :slight_smile: