YoshiokaHiroshi - sketchbook


Hello everyone.
This is my latest personal work “LADY FACE”.
I hope you like it!

Texture Photoshop
Modeling/Displacement ZBrush
Modeling/Hair/Shading/Lighting/Rendering MODO







ZBrush 4R7 P3 (x64).jpg

ZBrush 4R7 P3 (x64)-1.jpg


ZBrush 4R7 P3 (x64).jpg

ZBrush 4R7 P3 (x64)-1.jpg

Fantastic work, absolutely lovely!

5 Stars from me.


its a wow work man!! the skin shader so good!

Thank you everyone!
I’m glad you like this. :slight_smile:

Repeated comment.

Looking really good, but I’d like to see her face as a whole as well. So, could you render few more shots of her head from a bit further away? (;

Thank you, FourtyNights.
She have whole her head with her hair.
But it is not enough quality for me now.
I still cannot decide whether I’ll implove it or not.:wink:

Incredible work dude. So realistic, this passes the 3D turing test :smiley:

This is amazing! Subarashii!! superb lighting and textures!

What kind of shaders did you use for the skin and hair they are amazing!

Thank you, Pangea.

Thank you for your “subarashii”, strob.
I made it by MODO901 skin shader and hair shader.
I think MODO’s standard render is very nice.:+1:

So desu ne.

I didn’t even know that Modo could do rendering! But I just learned from wikipedia that Modo was made by the Lightwave crew. It’s one of the first software I used a long time ago. So now I know that Modo is like the new lightwave on steroids!

And about the skin texture did you use any displacement map from texturingXYZ or surface mimic?

I didn’t use any displacement maps on sale.

I sculpted skin detail on ZBrush, with only ZBrush’s standard brush and alfa.

And exported displacement map and OBJ file to MODO.:slight_smile:

Awesome work! Really stunning the level of detail.

Can I ask you a question? I’m beginning in the videogames world, more accurate in sculpting and texturizing. I see you used 3 programs differents to do all this…Which program would you recommend me to begin learning, specialise and get experiencie? I’m using zbrush a lot for the Unity engine, but i know about UE4 and 3DS Max, so what you recommend me to do?

Thanks and awesome work again!

Great work!! :+1:

Thank you, arkandius.

Regrettably, I don’t know about videogames world well.

In MODO10, you can use built-in Unity material and Unreal marerial.
I think it is useful for you.

Of course, ZBrush is the best application of sculpting.
It is amazing.

Thank you anandpg.

…reality! :sunglasses:

Awesome work!