Space Ninja Yoshimitsu, He’s had many different variations and this is my version. I blocked out this character and used him in my first lesson when teaching at the Gnomon School of visual effects.

The importance of a good blockout was emphasized, the design was one of the most exciting parts of the model, most of the model is conceptualized within the blockin stage but finalized or modified completely and only the silhouette of the rough was kept intact.

The sword was designed in a way that it can be used in close combat and for long distance. For slicing an opponent and blunt force as well. The Kid with the golden arms was one of my influences and of course five deadly venoms.

This was alot of fun to work on and I hope you enjoy!

~Abraham Valdez

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Awesome Yoshimitsu! Turned out really nice love all the details! Thanks for sharing =)


Thank you very much Joe! Super happy you enjoy him!!


Hi man, really cool model!
Do you have a .stl File?
I want to print it