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[Old guy]
This is my personal work

This is my first Portrait image,
and I’m happy that I finished it!
(no matter this image is good or bad~)

I tried to created a old guy who enjoys his old life,
maybe that is what I want to be when I get older,

I hope u guys enjoy this image
and I want to hear lots of opinions from u
to be better in the next personal image !

I posted some W.I.P in my blog~!



very nice. I love it. its has a style to it. its very painterly style. I really love it. Thanks fo sharing :slight_smile:

Yeah, this is a great image. Terrific style!


Some of W.I.P images of [Old guy]


Thanks !


I am happy to hear replys from u guys,
thnks for ur words,


Front view of [Old guy]

I like it.

Very nice.
5 stars from me.

Maybe the jeans-surface seems to appear a little too flat.

Jerick - Thanks :slight_smile: happy u like my image~

Rastaman - Wow. 5 stars :slight_smile: thanks
Flat looking Jacket ! yeah, I agree , I will care about that in the next work ! thanks for ur comment ! :slight_smile:

Hi, guys
I tried to make a full body female like creature,
well, it doesn’t look like creature (just tiny bit in her face…maybe :p)
hope u guys like it !




Hi, guys

I made a image

this image is about normal family

I got some idea from my aunt’s family, then I tried to make in 3D with some kind of realistic & Cartoony style

When I see this final image, I feel that I should have worked on the small details more,

but Im happy that I finished it

I learned a lot by working on this image, and I will keep working and studying :slight_smile:

I wish u guys enjoy this image, and comments make me happy :slight_smile:

I used Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop



Wonderful work! I especially loved the “old guy” portrait! Top Row for me. :smiley: The family was also excellent. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. :lol:

thanks for the comment chalkman !

I will keep studying and making new works :slight_smile:

Hi, i did this one about a month ago to practice…

i tried to make cartoony style with details~hope u guys enjoy iT !


Excellent stuff! :+1:

Fantastic sketchbook mate, great job on the portrait and on everything!
I really think you did a nice job on the last one, great concept and like the style aswell!
Would rethink his eye are, for me the eyes are a little to narrow, but maybe it is the way in cartoon!
Looking forward seeing more from you buddy,
Happy sculpting

  • Kenny:)

Thanks Kenny & asecbrush !

happy u guys like it ! :slight_smile:

I worked on animal this time to practice more~

the Warthog !

Hope u guys like it :slight_smile:

The warthog is totally awesome, great work on the anatomy,forms and shapes and ofcourse and the great amount of detail!
Really looking forward seeing more from you and thanks for sharing your worklow with the zspheres and everything =)
Best regards,

  • Kenny:)

Hakuna Matata!!!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1: