Yokai collection

Hi everyone, i started a series of Yokai characters sculpted in Zbrush and rendered in Keyshot. The first one Ao Bouzu was made a few months ago, so i’ll put it back in this thread as i will update it with each new Yokai that i will be making.
I sculpted them to be 3d print ready as i’m planning to make a real collection of figurine with these guys.


Nice sculpts.

I really like the little devil.


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Yokai ! :ghost: I love them ! can you tell us more on their history ? i love every Yokai’s story .
Thank for Sharing with us @Gotferdom :fire:

Thank you @fiouze and @facelessmindz .
You are right, i will update the post and the next sculpt wit a little history of each Yokai :nerd_face:

New yokai in the collection :
Amefuri kozō

Rainfall priest boy
Their task it to cause rainfall.
Usually shy and rarely interact directly with people, they are known to enjoy stealing people’s umbrellas and wearing them as hats, they then cause rain to fall upon their victims.

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Aka Shita

Translation: Red mouth
Mysterious spirit which takes the form of a dark cloud with sharp claws, hairy face and a long red tongue.
Its body is hidden inside the dark clouds in which it lives.
Appears during the summer months, when rain and water are at their highest demand and the water is carefully controlled and distributed equally to farmers.
Some farmers would siphon above the allotted amount of water for their personal fields which was a great crime and could cost neighboring farmers their livelihood.
The perpetrators of this crime would be punished by Akashita who would appear and swallow them, scooping them up with its giant red tongue.

The origin of its name is a mystery. There is only one record of amabie in existence, and it appears very similar to another yokai with a similar name: amabiko.
Mermaid like yokai with a mixture of human and fish features, a beak-like mouth, three legs or tail-fins and long hair.
It glows with a bright light that can be seen from the shore.
It emerges from the sea, prophesies either an abundant harvest or an epidemic.
Keeping a picture of this Yokai can protect you from disease.


Translation: stirrup mouth
Abumiguchi were once stirrups belonging to a warrior who fell in battle. The stirrups were left on the battlefield, forgotten.
Upset at losing their purpose, a soldier’s implements can transform into tsukumogami (In Japanese folklore, tsukumogami are tools that have acquired a kami or spirit).
Like faithful hounds, Abumiguchi wait in the fields for their masters, who will sadly never return.

Hi, nice to see you continue to post more and more yokai !
Thank you for posting them and it even more amazing that you provide a their short stories.
Give up the good works @gotferdom !

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Thanks, I’m having a lot of fun doing these in-between bigger project, more to come soon :wink:

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Bake ichō no sei

Translation: monster ginkgo spirit

Bake ichō no sei are the spirits of ginkgo trees. They are very tall, with bright yellow bodies the color of ginkgo leaves in autumn. They wear tattered old black kimono and carry small gongs.
They appear near very old ginkgo trees and strike their mallets. It’s not known whether there is some purpose to this other than making those who hear them feel strange or shocked.


Translation: ghost zōri (traditional straw sandals)

When the straw sandals known as zōri have been mistreated and forgotten by their owners, they can transform into sandal-yōkai called Bakezōri.
These sandal-shaped yōkai sprout arms and legs from their bodies and a single, large eye in their centers. They run about the house at night, causing mischief and making noise. Bakezōri have a favorite chant, which they sing as they run about the house on their tiny feet:

Kararin! Kororin! Kankororin! Managu mittsu ni ha ninmai!
Kararin! Kororin! Kankororin! Eyes three and teeth two!