Ylenia Bloodthorn - Dark Elf Fighter (35mm)

Hello Community!

We wanted to share with you our latest miniature sculpted entirely in Zbrush (of course) and, again, painted by the wonderfully talented AG Team (Angel Giraldez & J. David Gonzalez).

Her name is Ylenia Bloodthorn - a dark elf fighter. The pictures shown are of a 35mm tall miniature 3D printed on an Elegoo Mars hobby 3D printer. This actual model was printed by The AG Team at their studio.

The photos are very large compared to the actual size of the model which is a testament the quality of painting that Angel & David are capable of - its quite incredible the work they do. We highly recommend them.

Ylenia_Bloodthorn_Painted_01 Ylenia_Bloodthorn_Painted_02 Ylenia_Bloodthorn_Painted_03 Ylenia_Bloodthorn_Painted_04 Ylenia_Bloodthorn_Painted_05 Ylenia_Bloodthorn_Painted_06

Here are some quick renders in Keyshot of the actual sculpt:

Thank you for looking!