Yet Another Self Portrait :)

I mean there are sooooooooooooooooooooooo many of them I figured I might as well try it. I mean there is nothing better on my agenda than to stare at myself in the mirror. I could take reference pictures but that would rob my incredibly good looks from truely coming out. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Enough of that jive talk, here’s a pic of the first render. Just started it tonight about a couple of hours ago. The texture anyway, I have a ton of models I did during my undergrad and I just wanna make sure I get my money’s worth out of them :stuck_out_tongue:

[attach=46060]self portrait.jpg[/attach]

I know about the lips and the answer is no, I don’t wear lipstick. Just got a little crazy with the reds there


self portrait.jpg

my wife pointed out alot that was wrong with the geometry so here is an updated pictureself portrait v2.jpg

Some more sculpting after I got off work

self portrait v3.jpg

Please more. And the base mesh.

hi res wireframe.jpg

high res



Great work.
I think its just a perfect work.

good job! its coming along. Clean geometry too. Did you use photo refrence for your texturing?

yeah dude, I sure did. Reference layers are key

oh yeah!!! Yeah it might not seem like alot to y’all but I’ve been on this site for awhile and haven’t had 1000 people look at my work. It feels good. Now if I get to two thousand :slight_smile: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

not all of those are different people. :wink: Some are multiple views from the same person, including you. You might want to take several images of your face from front side, and 3/4 views. Than slap those textures on the model. Than you can use those textures as alpha mask and roughly bring out the tiny details of your face! There are several tutorials on how to do this on the pixologic website. I think this will guarantee that at least 1000 people will look at your work, if not more. And if you can get the eyes right, even more than that. Eyes are very tricky, although you could fake the effect by simply taking an image of the eye and slapping that on the texture map.

in response to womball…

Bah hum bug lol :lol: Thats true. I never even though about that.

Does anybody know any good resources for creases in the lips? I smoothed it out in Z to about 3.3 million polys but its becoming extremely difficult to work with it on this computer now so hopefully I can do it at a lower resolution.

Has anybody tried masking certain parts of the lips, inversing the mask and just inflating them and smoothing them out? Technically that should get the trick done but I keep crashing it so I wouldn’t know. :rolleyes:

So I am one of those 1000 that have looked multiple times… sorry man.:cry:
In reference to your lips question… get to the resolution you need to make your crease (personally, 3.3million seems rather obsured to achieve the result… you should be able to make it happen at 1million+… you really only need to go that high if your try the technique womball referenced … sculpting with your texture) … anyway… get to the side view of your model… use the hide functions…CTRL+SHIFT+DRAG to get the green hide box around your lips and it will hide everything else outside. you should be able to perform your crease very easily with just your lips present at the high poly count.
now, your textures… take womball’s advice on this one. check out those tutorials, which are really great. i’ve found though that you should always keep in mind your final product. if you’re doing a headshot that’s closeup, you can really gain a lot of depth and detail from this technique that makes it VERY convincing, but high res source images means HIGH EFFING RES:eek: so that you really get the detail you need. if you’re doing a model that will be viewed from a distance, good normal mapping can get the job done, but do take the time to put the detail in there because it always helps, just when you do those closeups, go the extra distance.
do take those extra pictures of yourself like womball suggested. so far your textures seem EXTREMELY blurred and fuzzy like you have peach fuzz all over your face. NEVER and I mean N-E-V-E-R take your source images in a lighted room. That is the worst place to take images for texturing. Either wait till it is a cloudy day outside or find a room with similar soft lighting and take your images there. The result is a lot less specular roll off , less shadows that are more smoothly occluded, and color at the level it should be. If you were to use the sculpt with your texture technique from images like you have now, you’ll get a bunch of bumps, maybe, and raised areas from where the light was highlighting your skin. not good.
also, on your lips, go back and fix the gap/opening that has been created between them in ZB. my guess is that you modeled this externally and your subd in your external app didn’t show the lips that way… well when you import this new .obj back into your app, your lips WILL be parted, even if you fix the obj in your app, your disp. map will want to make them that way, so extrude the edges on the inside of the lips a couple more times and it should fix it.

haven’t posted in awhile, here is an update of my self portrait, I deleted the upper res mes and went back down. Right now I’m looking at about 160,000 in zbrush

Here are some screen shots

upclose v1.jpg


update on self portrait.jpg

update on self portrait.jpg

blend Shapes.jpg

a uv Shot.jpg