Yanarts Sculpts and Scribbles

Hello Zbrush Central!!! My name is Eric Yan and this is my first post on this forum. I’ve just started using Zbrush a few months ago and have a lot to learn. Hopefully this thread will help me improve as a sculptor. Crits are welcome. Enjoy my Zsketchbook.








Great stuff man! Those characters are very stylish :slight_smile:

Thanks man!!!

A series of street fighter fan sculpts done for fun.

Awesome Blanca dude! :smiley:

great style on the SFII sculpts!

WOW!! love all those SF versions! Really awesome man

so great

One word: style and talent…Er ok that’s two, maybe i can resume with “skillz” , anyway great job Eric ! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

thanks :slight_smile:

Super stuff man! I love your stylization and color choices. More please :slight_smile:

I love your street fighter characters. Your Blanka is perfect.
May I ask you what matcap you used for it? thx

3dtoons - Thanks dude!! Appreciate it!!!
Luxo - Thanks!!! I think its skinshade4.

Your SF sculpts are great. :+1:

JL-Art - Thanks!!! :wink:

The street fighter models are awesome! Love the style!

great thx
I hope to see more

Insanely jealous at your ability to grasp zbrush so fast… I’ve been on and off learning zbrush over the last 5 to 6 years and still struggle to get results like this. However, In my defense I’m really not that great of an artist on paper. I’ve seen your work and It should make sense to me that you’ve picked up zbrush as fast as you have.

Great Work. Love the street fighter sculpts.

Did you you dynamesh (I’m assuming so)?


Very enjoyable work. Novel approach.

siumaiii - Thanks a lot, I appreciate it.
selahpoetic - Thanks a lot. Zbrush makes sculpting very comfortable with its wide array of tools. Yes, all sculpts started with a dynamesh sphere. I’ve been a 2D artist most my life and attempting to simulate a 3D look in @D helps a lot with pre-visualizing my sculpts.
ArtBot - Thanks sir!!!