yamajyaki's Sketch Book

I tried to make groot of Guardians Of The Galaxy.
I will report the progress of completion now.

Thank you.



Groot Wip2
The creation of course Groot.
I tried to poly paint.
After you have added the sculpt that was in the details of the tree
I’ll also add moss, etc.!

I tried by adding the moss by rendering the trial.
Rendered in ZBrush.

This is strange, I already commented on your image a couple of days ago, but do not see it posted here… strange. Well, will try again. I had told you that it was odd no one had commented on your image. I think it is some amazing 'polypainting. And now, the moss is making all come together. Very cool image. Can’t wait to see the flick with my little guys. Best.

To Dragon’s

I’m sorry for the confusion.
Posts Groot
yamajyaki’s Sketch Book
And I intend to summarize, we have re-posted.

Also, if I have a comment
Thank you!

No prob, your very welcome.

I am also a bit surprised you haven’t gotten more responses. I think your Groot came out really well. Good job on the wood texture. :+1:

Thank you for comment! Motivation comes out!
Textures are all projection at the picture of the tree by one.


Sculpting Groot so did not go assent,
To remove the poly paint, I sculpt carefully again!
Tired. . .

I go to the work of the re-topology based on this!

very nice work , the amount of details are very impressive . I think if you can add some branches above will be more cooler … keep it up

Agree, nice detail on the sculpting.

Branches of the head I do not may be less certainly.
I’ll try to increase a little!

Let’s adjust the sculpt a little more!

Thanks a bunch!

Hi there!

I created a texture in poly paint the old with the re-topology.

I have rendered in marmoset.

Texture only wood texture
I will continue to add dirt and scratches, the moss of the tree now.

What do you recommend for the wood texturing/detailing? Im having a hard time trying to recreate wood. I did download the 0rb brush people recommend for cracks.



I think it is good to use by working with Photoshop these textures.
I have URL provided below.

I read into the texture of the Standard brush pictures of tree
I have poly paint in DragRect.

Thank you.


Thank you!

I’ve been testing Emissive in marmoset.
I tried to add the model after plant.

It is a little more complete!


I finished adjusting texture! I made this alpha texture of MOSS.

Wow, that’s some work you have put into this image since last I visited. The glows look hand painted, very cool.

Thanks a bunch!

It is ready After you add the foundation and moss!

It is a little more complete!