Yakuza Girl: Kana

Here is a project with a great concept artist Rudy, such a fun to work with him. the project is about Yakuza gang, in this case a girl, her name is: KANA Hope you like it!
more images here:
Kana render-1.jpgKana Render-2.jpgKana render-3.jpgKana render-4.jpgKana clay render-1.jpgKana clay render-2.jpgKana clay render-3.jpgKana wireframes render-1.jpgKana zbrush screenshot-3.jpgKana zbrush screenshot-2.jpgKana zbrush screenshot-1.jpg


Kana render-1.jpg

Kana Render-2.jpg

Kana render-3.jpg

Kana render-4.jpg

Kana clay render-1.jpg

Kana clay render-2.jpg

Kana clay render-3.jpg

Kana wireframes render-1.jpg

Kana zbrush screenshot-3.jpg

Kana zbrush screenshot-2.jpg

Kana zbrush screenshot-1.jpg