YaKuza Boy

YaKuza Boy
Character for real-time rendered in marmoset. Wanted to do something that was inspired by the style and proportions of Alita battle angel.
Story of the boy goes as follows; as a young kid he was kidnapped by Yakuza gangsters who forced him to conform to their traits and adapt a more violent and criminal temperament. They also surgically attached bionic enhancements to amplify his physical ability and increase his violent tendency.
For the costume I wanted to tie in the boy’s past history with his present state mixing childhood elements such as his walk man and headphones with the sci-fi bionic pieces on him. I textured his clothes to look a lot more weathered and old as he’s still wearing the same childhood clothes.
For the character’s facial expression I was trying to convey his mood being one of dispassionate with no emotion due to the mistreatment by his Yakuza masters.
hope you like it guys


great work