"Y The Last Man" TV Series Concept Art

Hello Friends,

We wanted to share with you some design work we did for “Y The Last Man” TV series on FX. All created in Zbrush of course!

Capritor was hired by the show’s prop department to design the lead character’s iconic respirator. Many iterations were provided to the production company based on prop department notes.

The iterations were minor, so we are only presenting a few here that we created for the show as they are fairly repetitive.

The final on set prop was built by Walter Klassen FX.

We were also responsible for coming up with various ring designs for the show. We were provided a brief, and some images to get inspiration from, to come up with a final design that could be 3D printed and cast in metal for use on set.

Shown here are the final approved designs arrived after many iterations on the theme.

You can also check out our Artstation portfolio to view more work.

Thanks for looking!