XM Studios Green Lantern 1/6 scale

Hi Guys

This is the 1/6 scale Green Lantern statue that I sculpt on for XM Studios.

This statue is one of my best works. I’m very happy with this. =)

Thanks for the opportunity

Hope you like it!!

  • Creative Director: Ang Seng and Marthin Agusta Simny.

-3D Artists: Fabiano Carlos Coelho

-Concept Art 2D Base : Ario Anindito

fabiano-carlos-coelho-71561883-2397101057177246-802494538810654720-o fabiano-carlos-coelho-71886873-2397101067177245-6591571594336796672-o fabiano-carlos-coelho-72396286-2397101090510576-173882798950580224-o fabiano-carlos-coelho-72452426-2397101247177227-7674364537927106560-o fabiano-carlos-coelho-72482127-2397101157177236-8501877841057546240-o fabiano-carlos-coelho-71697805-2397101297177222-1186309618293276672-o fabiano-carlos-coelho-71780078-2397101340510551-6690871775091228672-o-1 fabiano-carlos-coelho-71951775-2397101173843901-6624866258124800000-o fabiano-carlos-coelho-72066644-2397101140510571-865975839072714752-o fabiano-carlos-coelho-72336266-2397101273843891-3985032805129125888-o



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Nice one, my friend! Awesome piece!

Nice work, man! Amazing piece! It really is one of your best works!

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Loved the model! I think it would be better if they used a more translucent material on the Guns, but your work is fenomenal!

Amazing work as always!!

Mega cool Green Lantern!!! @FabianoCarlosCoelho :clap:

Thanks my friend =)

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Thanks my brother =)

Thanks for kind words!!

Thank you! Glad you liked it.
I also think translucent material would be better. But the statue would be much more expensive and it is very difficult to do with this material without giving too many problems.

Thank you Gabriel! Glad you liked it

Thank you Jaime. I’m really glad you liked it. It motivates me to post more projects. =D

Excellent! Nice clean work!