XEXEX Sketchbook


    Hello everyone!
  My name is Marco and I'm Italian.
  I'm an electronic engeneer, but I've always had a great passion for graphics!
  I do graphics just for fun, but my secret dream is to turn my passion into work....but, probably, it will remain just a dream ;)
  As soon as possible i will upload some of my works.
  Thank you for attention! 

    PS: Comments (:+1: :-1:) and suggestions (:bulb:) are always welcome!



Xexex, very nice sculpts! You already seemed to have mastered many of ZBrush’s tools. It’s good that you’re also an engineer; despite your excellent graphics, you’ll probably make more money in electronics anyway. :slight_smile:

Good Luck!

thank you very much for your kindness.
this was just a fast work to introduce myself.
Here in Italy the situation for engineers is not very happy, as in other European countries … but the hope in the change never dies :rolleyes:

Hi everyone!
I’m here again to introduce you my new work.
I hope you enjoy it!
opinions and suggestions are always welcome.


[attach=256912]Final Render MS.jpg[/attach]





[attach=256917]Face sheet.jpg[/attach]





[attach=256922]pugile sheet.jpg[/attach]




Final Render MS.jpg








awesome welcome picture

thank youuuuuuuu!:smiley:

Great work! Keep ZBrushing mate :+1: :+1: :+1:

HEY MAN, i really like your work, i love how you care about the character you created and even gave him a background story and lots of characteristic, i think you are doing a great job, my advise will be keep studying and practicing whenever you got some free time, i always believe that if you really got the heart to do something, and if you push yourself hard enough and really put some effort in it, one day your dream will come true, dont give up man, you are not along here!!! keep it up, and i hope i can see more of your work soon!!!


thank you!
you are very kind!
I hope that I will learn more in order to reach your level and that of many others in this forum!
thank you again!

Hi everybody!
this is my last work.
I hope you enjoy it!














Looks like you have many of the technical parts of ZB down. Just need to work on form and anatomy.

thank you !
you are very kind!
i’m used to sculpt directly without taking reference images…and this is shown by my works…
i will take some images to improve the shapes of my models.
some suggestion to my sculpting?

I would say your clothing items look pretty good. Your textures are a strong point. if you dont usually use references then my suggestion is to use them. They make a world of difference.

Hey XEXE, i am glad to see you get back to some zbrush here, really nice character, one thing i notice is the anatomy tho, it looks like he is about to fail down anytime, so i did a little paint over on your side view, hope it helps a bit, keep going man!!! fishman-sheet paint over.jpg

@Mr-NYM: thank you!i will follow your advice!:wink:
@Frank_Tzeng: :D:D:D:D:laughing:small_orange_diamond:laughing:small_orange_diamond:laughing:you are right!
i didn’t consider the gravity force in this presentation.
next time i will pay more attention about it.
thank you very much for spending time to correct my character!

new Fishman:
HI all!
A friend of mine told me that my Fishman wasn’t so good as i thought and so, after checking my model for long time, i decided to redesign it.
i hope you enjoy this new version.

:+1: cool now maybe displace map some overall scales - polypaint and transparency on the fins would make a nice render posed !

ok, thank you!
i will try with scales for sure, but to control transparency in zbrush on specific areas of a model is impossible…i think…

Happy Holidays!!!

happy holidays-2011.jpg

Thank you very much! Great sculpting … he is also very cute! :lol: