WWII Characters- Bust of Adolf Hitler

Greetings dear Zbrushers

In lots of CG Forums, there are lots of characters of monsters, devils, ghouls, aliens or horrifying creatures. But there are guys in history with power and greedy manners who are devils in human form. Yeah, that’s right and truth.

Last month, I was playing “Rebellion Sniper Elite 4” and in one of its missions, it showed Hitler in large facility. The main mission was to kill Hitler (If you didn’t play that game, you can find lots of videos about this mission on YouTube.com) After killing Nazi soldiers and Hitler, as a character designer, I took a close look to his face and to compare the seamless or likeness of model. that was quite good but not so similar to actual face. So, an idea popped up in my mind: making WWII famous characters in Zbrush. :slight_smile:

**Please be noted that:
This is just a likeness model and nothing more.
We are all just artist and we are free to create good and bad historical events or characters in any form such as likeness models, bust, caricature, funny meme, characters for video games or movies.

I will appreciate that if you recommend another WWII famous characters to get Zbrushed…
Love you all and Peace be upon all humans in all nations and beliefs.

Here is my model: