I humbly submit this, my first attempt at anything in Zbrush, and also my first Keyshot render. I’ve been a member of this site a long time, but mostly as an observer, blown away by all of you immensely talented people!

Please be gentle with me, I know this model and image are filled with technical atrocities. I was just hoping it might tell a bit of a story.

The title is WORMHOLES.

Zbrush > Keyshot > Photoshop

Enjoy! :wink:




Atmosphere and narrative shine through:+1:

Thanks, for that! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

And clever choice of words, yes?


In my humble opinion, for a first attempt, you have managed to create a full scene, with a narrative, that does make you wonder what is going on. You have a strong foundation to build upon. Checkout Dynamesh , this will help you a lot, especially with the robe. I am a novice/ intermediate, and like you have been watching this site for sometime, but unlike you I still don’t have the skill/ confidence to post an image, so 10 out 0f 10 for that. :+1: