Worm Pills

Well it’s been an age since I last posted.

Here’s my latest image rendered in Carrara that makes great use of ZBrush not only for the texture creation but also the character modelling.


The Flooze


Excellent, Mark. My favorite posts are the ones that use ZBrush to create illustrations, little stories told without words. Was this assembled in ZBrush? How did you line up the elements to create your perspective? I see the influence of Terry Gilliam and Chris Van Allsberg.


I dont want to know what was he eating :stuck_out_tongue:

Great! This is my style of art!

luv lookin at that dog’s face. Nice design; nice render.

Am running out of adjectives!!!

Great style. Refreshing.
Three in one day, each stood out in the thumbnails alone.
Many more please

That’s it! More of this!!! Great work. :wink:

We certainly need more of this kind of humor!

…we can see the Potenkine baby carriage :smiley:
Boozy is come back ! :cool: