Working with Shadowbox and Hardsurface

After Building this Bicycle it was asked that I show some of the workflow used in the making of it. I’ve made a little tutorial on creating on of the parts. I hope it helps someone.


Have fun all.




Intense Drive System-Finished Big.jpg

Intense Front Left Finished.jpg

Intense Left Side Close Up-Finished.jpg

Intense Top Right Finished.jpg

Shadowbox Tutorial.jpg

Shadowbox Tutorial 2.jpg

Shadowbox Tutorial 3.jpg

Shadowbox Tutorial 4.jpg

Shadowbox Tutorial 5.jpg

Shadowbox Tutorial 6.jpg

Shadowbox Tutorial 7.jpg

Shadowbox Tutorial 8.jpg

Shadow Tutorial 9.jpg

Shadowbox Test.JPG

Thank you very much for posting these images Ezra!
I am most interested in possible uses of Zbrush in non figureative Design, so please keep posting.

thank you for posting this i like your style :wink:

Nice! Looks good. The Resolution in Polys is usually around this. (Res^2)*6.