Working for Fun with Amazing ZSphere tool

Greetings Dear Friends

I just was looking for an Alpha Map in my PC I found one of my very old and first models I’ve made by Lovely ZSphere… then I got some very simple renders you see two of them below.
I never added more details or wings to this ZInsect (I call this creature the ZInsect! Nice name, isn’t this?) maybe one day I make lots of changes in this model… it will be so appreciated if you suggest me and tell me your ideas.
By ZSphere you can make various kinds of 3d Models very fast, accurate, and very nice…

check this out, I hope you like it.

ZInsect- By Esfandiyar Ebadi_01.png
ZInsect- By Esfandiyar Ebadi.png
ZSphere- Alien Insect-4.jpg