Work hard Dream huge

Hi Guys!
I wanted to produce a personal project in gratitud to Pixologic.
If it wasn´t for their magic Software Zbrush I would´ve never made a start in this industry.
A part from creating a huge community of amazing artists they have been very generous with all of us.
They have recently released Zbrush Core Mini for FREE!!, and my 6 year old little guy at home has started modelling from day one like crazy and loves it!!
Maybe my little boy will become one more in this great community and is all thanks to you guys of Pixologic.

The baby represents the start of an artist career and looks up to “Hulk” that represents the experienced artist.
There is a connection between both of them:
-The baby is innocent and has a whole life ahead of him, is full of enthusiasm and idealises “Hulk” imitating him and dreamming one day he will be as Huge as he is.

  • “Hulk” smiles back at the baby. He sees a reflection of him years back when he first started and he knows he will always be there to help the baby grow up along the way.

Working hard and dreaming Huge are key ingredients through our whole path in life no matter what we do.

I hope you like it guys. I can put infinite more hours into it, but have to say chao to it and focus on other things.
I might put more angles and close ups

I used: Zbrush, Maya, Arnold for rendering and Xgen for hair


so cool!



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Really cool sculpt… loved it :+1:

What a great representation of your sentiment @Rafa_Zabala :star_struck::clap::pray:

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Hi Jaime!, thanks for your message.

Only a few people helped me change my life in a good way and Pixologic people with Zbrush are definitely at the top of my list.

A few simple images containing a message of gratitude is the least I can do.

I will be more than happy if this makes people in Pixologic feel a bit more proud of that beautiful project they have created

Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot Indraneel ! :pray:

Thanks Filippo, love your work man!! beautiful characters :pray:

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Thanks man.
Bytheway, I really love your work!! wow
beautiful creatures! :heart_eyes:

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Impressive! :grinning: like always… advanced congratulation for TOP ROW :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

Gorgeously Stunning Rafa! <3
This is so Inspiring!

Great work :slight_smile:

Hard work , huge dreams and successful anger management when learning new software :+1:

Really good work!i love it. Gran trabajo señor.

I am the baby! Wonderful work!

Love it. Thank you for sharing. So great to hear your daughter getting into sculpting.