Work done for Siggraph 2013 Zbrush Demo =)

Hey everyone, thought I would share with you some of the images of my barbarian character that I made to demo at Siggraph for Pixologic. I covered my workflow with fiber mesh along with some process’s for high-frequency detailing using noisemaker and sculpting techniques. Thanks so much to the Pixologic team for the opportunity and the stellar experience there. It was such a humbling and inspirational experience to be around so many amazing artists. Everyone was just great! I got to catch most of the Demos and there was so much shown. Loved The Epic, Disney and Blizzard demos, was really cool to see how Zbrush fit in their pipelines. Learned so much form the individual presenters as well! Awesome opportunity all around, I was blessed to be part of it.

I do believe they are gonna edit and post some of the demos shown. I look forward to seeing some of the ones I missed on other days!

Here are some links to much higher rez versions.







Awesome! Sadly, I missed almost all of the demos - only caught the first ten minutes of the Sony Santa Monica team - because I was stuck at my booth. It’s neat to see the work that was on display though. Really exceptional! Well done.

Awesome work dude! Wish I’d been there to catch the magic

Jesus dude, that guys got details on his details. Pretty amazing work Jason.

Fantastic work, the detailing rocks!

Crazy details! Can I just ask why is his hair so thick? It still looks great though!

Awesome & inspiring, great job!:+1:

Pretty much blown away; (The screen at Siggraph didn’t do it Justice!) love it! Thanks for sharing the large images (I now have a new desktop background :slight_smile: )


awesome! MAN!! Lots of details :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1: :+1:

Simply incredible! mind blowing incredible!

shizzballs! Awesome Jason!

Looks amazing, awesomework!

i’m a little bit depressed right now…
Extremely strong sculpt

Sweet barbarian!

Are the fingernails separate subtools from the hands, or are they part of the hand/body mesh? Something about the edges and thickness of them stands out to me as being particularly well done. Cheers!

Great job. Is there a way to see the demo? I was told there was lots of amazing stuff there.

Just for curiosity, for how long have you sculpted this barbarian?

Amazing =)

Perfect work man!

Wow…The Hair/Fiber’s just super!!!

Oh man that is crazy awesome. So many cool details. I love the look of this guy.


Very strong sculpt.Congrats for Top Row:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1: