Woot! finally something!

Hey all! Finally had just the right ammount of luck to make something i was finally happy with. Now, i am in no way shape or form a sculptor, i usually work in pencil when i do most art. But i felt this looked good enough to show.

(and is there some sort of copyright i have to put on this to make sure it’s not stolen? I am such a newb… >.<)

Anyway, when i am not asking newbie questions, i am trying to make a creature from my book. I plan to put lots of art into the book and i want to make it good art since my pencil skills are mainly concept art and not as good as i’d want i want to desparatly lern this program. Anywho, here is the start of this horrible mess.

I wanted to make a hand, that has 3 thumbs.


This morning i decided i liked this so much i would try some more modeling. I been foolin around for a while and i wondered if you guys could give me a hand with something. In the picture below i would like to know if you guys have any cool techniques to make that edge along the underside of the finger a serrated edge. Thanks ahead of time guys!

ZBrush Document.jpg



Hi Forlocks. My suggestion is to start with low poly mesh. Keep practising.:+1:

This seems like a very good start:+1: . One suggestion would be to try and model. In low subd levels.Dont hit sub level 7 and try from there. Sculpt the overall shape from low levels and then add more detail as u increase. For those edges i would use the move function(r click).

U can also download the angler fish, its a great tut.
Hope i helped.

:D:D i almost exchanged it for something else when i saw the thumbnail :smiley: just joking…keep at it :slight_smile:

Ha- ha, that was good. :lol:

Back on track: O.o Move on a lower mesh to creature my jagged edge? I would never have thought. I was expecting something to do with projection master and/or masking modifiers. interesting…


you could use masking to mark the areas you want pulled out then inverse the mask and use the move tool to pull them out then smooth or whatever to get the look your after but yeah the more you can do in earlier subd levels to rough out the shape the better it is in later levels.

enjoy the madness.

So today i did a little more practice with things and here is what i have managed to produce.

Recently i have been addicted, and i didn’t know what to make, then my friend thought i was god at this program and drew this funny little thing on a paper then left. So i thought HEY! lets Z that! However it was very plain, so when i made it furry it vastly improved.

(maybe it’s a man because it lacks hair? Any signs to point me toward how to make realistic hair would be much appreciated. :smiley: )


ZBrush Documentcreepy!.jpg



That stage in life where my dad would try to grasp my face screaming “IT’S THE CLAW” has long since passed… but the legacy lives on. Here is progress on my Claw. I don’t indent to do much more detailing on it for now. Mainly because it will be covered in hair up to the wrist & will have a bone fingernail on the back of it’s palm…so why bother?:lol:


I rember that guy that drives the black cat in Voltron say “And i’ll form the head!”

Well so shall I, Without further adue meet my WIP Head.


This is the head of the wonderful Virus i call the Sheal. The creture is a result of being infected. I have yet to decide on a color scheme beyond red hair and dark skin tones, so for now fastshader is my poison of choice!

On a side note, he will eventually have red fur coming out of the gap between his ears and around the base of his skull. i also plan to give him long dull looking teeth with K-9s. Yes i know he lacks a jaw, but i intend to add that in later because thier main design is not to have one. O.o

Also, this looks so much different from the claw because the claw will mostly be covered by other objects, so detailing most of it is moot O.o. I still have to go through projection master with this puppy a few hundred times, but i am not that comfortable with it yet. BTW in 2 days i learned to sculpt
(i had a stone age knowlegde until yesterday.) !!! =D i been trying to render all kinds of stuff. Maybe i will eventually finish this guy? who knows.

Beware i don’t hold up well to critizm, i been depressed for a while becasue i have no life of any sort and no job of any real kind =. But Critizisms are wanted please. ty =D




So what i wound up doing was making the teeth out of Zpheres, then making all the connecting Z spheres attractor spheres and it worked out nicely for the teeth. I then moded them a little just to experiment giving my new head some teeth. I then tried to do a little resculpting after i used the multimarkers to set the teeth into position.

Ugh. i have to find a way that works with me. I tried masking, didn’t work for me much too messy. I tried a few other ways before deciding i was going to be doing it best the original way -.-

After 5 hours of profanity at the hand of multimarkers i came up with one picture of my labors. Not the best, but something.

BTW, not a single comment about my Sheal Head O.o i’m impressed.

So far… this doesn’t feel like it’s interesting people in my pet project, maybe i’ll just quit with the updates on it. >.< ugh, depression taking over.

Well the next big thin on my monster project is the body. I not sure weather i am going to get away with making the head, claws and body separate peices or not. but alwell, if i find i can’t combine them all later i am learning a great deal about sculpting with these. Here is the unfinished body, agian procrastinating with projeciton master for the most part.

I’m shooing for a body structure that is not quite bipedal, but a creature that normally travels on all four limbs and has the ability to stand when in combat. i sorta merges dog and man in my head for this, i not sure how the over image looks.





well forlocks. Might be your talk of depression and not being good at taking crit that’s scaring people off? Just a theory.

Anyway, this one looks interesting. Keep posting

let me be the first to pop your “FEAR OF CRITS” bubble…
1st, i want to say, what you are doing is very interesting, simply accept that you are an artist, and with any artist there is at least 24,001,300,300,324,320 people that don’t understand you work for every 1 person who appreciates it, ‘ask any artist’ so with that said, your work is good, just develop it more. learn only what you need to make your art better, when you’ve made it the best you can for what you know, then start to learn more… hope this helps, and don’t stop zbrushing, it is the most exciting medium of art i have ever seen. :+1: :+1: :+1:
(also don’t forget, have zfun!) :):slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :angry:

Keep the great work up as mentioned before you can use the mask and invert it then pull the teeth like blades out. Here I did a quick 5 min finger with the blade type I think your after.


finger fina2.jpg

Oh… ok i quit with the depression crap. Actually i was wondering why there wasn’t any crits O.o didn’t mean to scare people off. Naw, really bring on any nasty crit ya like (just don’t be intentionally mean with it was what i meant before.)

And thanx tez i’ll try that.

To everyone else thanks for sayin hi!

gets back to work

sorry posted in error.