Woody Allen


If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans. Woody Allen My favorite quote.and personality




Awesome work! Beautiful quote! :slight_smile:

This is mind-blowingly good!

Ive seen it on Artstation! really nice work man!


It took me a while to realize the first picture was not a reference photo!
Mind blown.

fantastic job :+1: . Will see it on toprow for sure :slight_smile:

Great job!

Amazing job !!


I thank you all for your comments


available to freelancer

I have no words… :+1:

…him, and himself! :smiley:


Wow my favourite zbrush sculpt since a long time!!! I’m a fan of Woody Allen’s movies too, the greatest director of all times (even had the chance to see him from really close for a few hours)! In fact last week I was thinking about starting a portrait of him from “Annie Hall” but now that I see yours that is so perfectly top notch, I’m not sure anymore…

It is definitely worth looking at the high rez version!

Please tell us some details about how you did the skin shader pores and little dots of beard! And also hair?

Another woody allen line from Stardust memories: “People tell me I’m narcissistic but I disagree; if I were to identify with a figure from greek mythology it wouldn’t be Narcissus, it would be Zeus.”

exellent work
didn’t told you at artstation ?
" post it in Zbrushcentral and you are the top row :wink: "

well done again :+1:

Man and also please tell us about how you did the eyes! you got them so damn right!!! I can’t stop studying them.

And I just noticed on Arstation that you are the one who did the “Jonas” portrait that I liked so much too! Is this someone you know?

I thank you all for a comment, I am glad you interest:D

For Strob:
I was at the beginning, I must apologize for his grammar in English language
I’m glad I finished the job before you started:))
Once in older age can appreciate the genius of this man.One of his quote me absolutely stunned,These few words perfectly describe my life,
That is why this work for me exceptional and deeper,
Details of the skin are extracted from a 3D scan,Of course I had to carry out some wrinkles and details.
Beard that’s just texture, but every hair in texture I added a simple model.In detail, and in reflection it works well.

eyes are nothing extra,It’s a classic procedure as in every tutorial on eyes.
But now I’m eager to work and Arnold and his custom AL Shader, can I just say it’s great.

Jonas is created based on photos from the Web 3d.skUnfortunately, there is no big story

Did you know that The Alshader was recently ported to V-Ray by Vlado (for maya and max)?

I use this for maya


Ok yes it’s the original shader for Arnold. But since V-Ray cost a lot less than Arnold, it’s cool to have now the same shader it in V-Ray!

Can you tell me which 3d scan you use for the pores? Good idea!