Wooden 3D prints

been meaning to post these for some time now.
these are all done with an old restored dynamyte 2400 cnc mill.

this one was actually the first try at cutting something from wood using this machine. [![thumb.JPG|110x60](upload://bQK6ZfSMsFKnlToOH8S2vDScMuY.jpeg)]![CIMG1196c2.jpg|1024x1365](upload://aaHAGZ0mghDI2PY1tv2VpAWPLQv.jpeg) and my current project. all the wood parts are done now just going to make some molds to cast him in resin and perhaps improve the details from there by hand.

i had to do the hands in plastic since i suspected that the wood would not do to well with all those small thin parts.


CIMG1720 copy.jpg

DSC08851 copy.jpg

DSC09115 copy.jpg

CIMG1681 copy.jpg

Very cool cuttings!:+1:

How long did it take to cut these?

the machine is a bit on the slow side so the largest piece ( the base with skulls ) took about 8-12 hours of active cutting time spread out over 3 days