Wonder woman

This is a 1/1 life size bust i made in the Infinity Studio 开天工作室 and completed last year.3D model by me in zbrush,paint by Orange.Z 朱佳麒 and he is the director of this.It was first released at Wonder Festival 2019 Shanghai.I am very proud to participate in this project.hope you like it.you can fand more video about this in youtube ,that’s it

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Crazy good. :smile:

unbelievable!!love it!

Fantastic sculpt. Love the texture and detail on the armor. Beautiful work.

WowFantastic work!:heart_eyes:

Saw this fullsize bust in person. Unfreakin believable…

beautiful :slight_smile:
nice presentation

Incredibly awesome! First class! :+1::+1:

It’s Amazing…!!!Nice presentation as well

So amazing work. Looks very real :heart_eyes:

Did you have a 3d scan of her or it was purely sculpted?

OMG!!! WOW!!! I just cant Believe how real this is!!!

Phew doggie! That is so good.
I love it going from sculpt to real(istic?) hair.

Outstanding! Just incredible!

Really nice work! I was suprised that whole additional elements you did on Marvelous Designer. I mean that many of them are rigid and I’d never do it on Marvelous Designer, but It’s good to know about possibilites. Thanks for sharing it.

:open_mouth: Literally had to go back and forth to see if this was an actual person or 3D/sculpted! Really amazing man!