Woman Anatomy Study


I am working on this woman studying anatomy, I am looking forward comment and critics about her anatomy and proportion, do you guys think she’s looking good ?

Girl_Face Girl_Face2
Girl_Back Girl_Back2



With some help on Polycount I continue to work on this character, I believe she’s look more natural now and I add her some cloths.
Always happy to get comment.



Looks great! Keep up the good work and keep practicing.

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Thanks a lot Polymesh67 for your encouragement.
With the help on polycount Community, I correct some mistake I did on her anatomy, and I am pretty satisfy of how she’s look, I hope you like her to and again I am always happy to hear comments and critics.

Cheers !!

good job.

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Some adjustment.

Looking good.

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Thanks Arash2010 and PixoPaul ^^.
I made some render and named here Lara, I hope you like her ^^.