Been using Zbrush for about 7 weeks now. Zbrush has been easier than anticipated. a few problems here and there. I was wondering if anyone could help me in the ways of texturing the hair and getting the UVs unwrapped in zbrush. also. Crits are always welcome. still touching up a couple things. shorts and body wise. thanks.








ok forget the texturing part. The feet are buried undersnow so I don’t really need those refined more… C&C this baby up, if i’m gonna get better i need some hardcore Crits and Comments on how to improve and what needs fixing.

Man I wish my first try at ZBrush was a snap like you. Great work so far. Is the hair and the head separate subtools for now?

No the head is not a seperate subtool. I figure ill try the Zapplink. Looks to be an easier way to texture :P. Thanks for the comment though. Love ur Mantis Man :slight_smile: