:: Wolverine ::

Finshed up my hp for the Comicon Challenge over at GameArtisans.org and thought I would try out zbrush’s fantastic Transpose Master plugin. Great stuff guys!

That looks so cool! He’s such a bad ass, I love it.

“Let’s go Punk!”

Dude awesome, sweet!

Hard to see but does he have the scruff goin on the chin?

Or how are you (or are you) planning on doing the hair? (face arms?)

saw this awhile back in gameartisans. nice to see you posting here dude. excellent take on wolverine :slight_smile:

Love the seam detatail on the costume. Great stuff ThatDon.

Damn! Awesome Wolverine man! Congrats!

ThatDon: awesome Wolverine man, I really like suit details. It’s really great. I would like to see it printed on my desk :wink:

Cant wait to see more…

nice one - the only thing that kinda stands out is the fact that he’s on his toes - that way you can’t feel the weight of the character … feels a bit floaty! [kind of a big contrast between the feet and the top of the character which feels heavy and grounded]

very nice , man , great:+1:

Thanks for the feedback Intervain, I will be sure to pay extra attention to that when I go to pose the final game model. :+1:

Finished up the lowpoly


great take on wolverine, I’m digging the shoulderpads, they really work well.


So glad that’s over :brick: , lunch time tomorrow is baking time :excite:

oh god please throw a cigar into some of that leftover uv space…you know he needs it so bad. I’m trying to find something to critique and I just can’t. One thing that did make me wonder though; you’re using the same uvs for the glove and boots right? So why separate set ups for the claws?

So he can have unique blood splatters for each claw :smiley:

Great topology for the low-poly! Absolutely beautiful! My only concerns are the neck and the belt. Those big tris that run into the clavicle really kinda scare me. I think it is just the way they flow up into the chin instead of wrapping around the neck. Then the belt pieces I would like to see as a solid mesh for the entire body. If you do that, I think you’ll have better kudos with the judges. Just my opinion though. I have to agree with the cigar comment. That would just set it all off.

Update, still need to finish up the texture before moving onto posing




This is sooo nice! Easily my favorite 3d wolverine to date! Great work Don

  • BoBo

Yeh! Thats what i’m talkin about bub.
Everything is pro except for the X on the belt. Too soft and cushion’ee to me.
Great look on wolverine you’ve managed to get!
:+1: :+1: