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Hi guys,
because it is my first post, I want to introduce myself.
My name is Wladimir, I’m from Germany and use zbruch for about two years.
and today I wanted to show what I’ve created. it’s not all, most of the models were only work samples to get me some techniques to acquire.

so let’s start.
the first projekt i want to show you is the “z-bike”.
I actually started this model in blender and wanted to finish it in blender, but then zbrush 4r4 was released and I decided to finish it there.
I was not sure about to finish it. at the moment i stil have sometimes more troubele with zbrush then with the models but all went well.

The first picture shows the rough model that I exported from blender.

after many hard hours of fun, work and experements, I finally came to this model.

Then I exported it back to blender (big thanks to dezimation master) and render it in cycles.

and here is the goal of the struggle :slight_smile:

My Z-Bike

have fun with it.

Ps. I apologize for my bad english. fortunately, there is the google translate. :cool:


ZBrush Document 19.jpg



Welcome to Zbrush Central. Great 1st post Wladimir. I love the bike. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

My 1st post here was a bicycle and I too worked in Blender before I got Zbrush.


is cool check my bike in my gallery !! welcome to ZBC :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Awesome post! I love seeing what car, truck, and motorcycle sculpting ZBrush is capable of.
Definitely check out Gary Komar and EZRA52’s galleries, they are the greats at that stuff.

hi guys, thanks for the comments. :slight_smile:

and here is the second one, my last model “sniperdrone”.
The idea came to me when I looked at some tutorials of BadKing

and here is the picture.

have fun with it. :slight_smile:

hi guys, it’s me again. This time I will show a current WIP. I took the English name “Dragonfly” literally, and this is what came out of it :).
what is missing is a little work on the pose and the color. but expect not too much, it’s just my second organic figure.

have fun with it.

hello people. It’s done, my dragonfly is ready to fly :).
I have rendered a turntabel too. but to save a little bit time I have rendered it only with 200 samples per frame, so it is a bit noisy :cry:.
the picture it self is rendered with 5k Sampels.


have fun with it.

hi people,
Today I have something funny for you.

have fun.

Cool Works!!! I like this “gragonguy” the most)))

Hi guys, it’s time to show you some works i heve don in in the meantime.

The first is a roadster car model.

renderd with default material

and in full collor

and the second is a hotrod wip i working on.

modeling done in zbrush rendered in maxwell renderer.

Great big THANK Pixologic.

have fun.
c&c welcom :smiley:

That hot rod is awesome!


these cars are beautyfull

grtz p

Really great stuff. Keep it up.


luvley curves man…! :smiley:

hello people,

the HotRod is ready :D.
sculptet in zbrush rendered in blender ( maybe i will render it in maxwell to )
have fun.

c&c welcom

I love your cars, great job

Very cool car. I love it.


Excuse me but, that is totally BAD ASS!


thank you guys :smiley: