Wizard Frog Scene

A contemplative wizard frog! Maybe he’s waiting for his pupil, or who knows, guarding the entrance for a secret site… we’ll never know!

This is a personal project I made for the Modeling, Lookdev and Lighting course given by Marcio Gomes at ICS School. It took a white to finish it, but here it is!

I took great inspiration from an artwork by the tattooer Jacob Gurganus (@j.g.artworks at instagram) and tried to translate into this 3D scene. The original art has the frog with his arms crossed and as I wanted to make his hands, I took some liberty to change the position and added a staff to his hands.

It was a long process cause I didn’t know what I was planning for the composition. The feedbacks from Marcio Gomes helped a lot, specially with the frog design, so I’m all thankful to him!

Hope you all like it!


Excellent work! Great concept! I really like the final render. The little bit of atmosphere with fog coming through creating God-rays and the depth of field really sells it. :clap:

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This is a delight. Wonderful details and render.

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