witch queen twins WIP

Hello guys,because im really busy with my freelance jobs and dont have too much time for this one,i decided to share with you its current phase .modelling is done - will add some bones,rocks on the ground,some background elements and will start textures and shaders in max and Vray… hope i will finish it this year :smiley:

hope you like it



hires version

minions death masks

Cthulhu shoulder armor

hires version

throne arm rest part











Quite possibly the sickest work I’ve ever seen. Hats off to you Sir!! even at this incomplete stage the breadth and level of detail is staggering. Can’t wait to see the final.:+1:

Unbelievable detail and incredible work!!! Looking forward to seeing more…:slight_smile:


Wow this is one of the most original and well sculpted pieces I have seen in a LONG time… Great work.

This is absolutely great job! I love the details in your works.
How much time you spent for that ?

thank you guys :slight_smile: im really glad you like it and appreciate your kind comments.

Shak3r - really dont know… it started as a half day doodle when waited for a clients feedback and after decided to continue on it…redesigning,adding parts,reworking parts… some day saw an old Lovercraft´s drawing of Cthulhu,so started adding its symbol on her armor ,ear plugs and now shes in Cthulhu´s service…:smiley:

still want add hair/dreadlocks ,some crazy haircut for her “siamese twin” and some more crazy s*it… but probably will add this when retopo,uvs and texturing done…dont want to overkill it and also kill myself with this:D
evironment missing too - candles,books,dust,spiderwebs,unborn kids skulls,head in jars,pets/servants like toads etc etc…



Wow brilliant stuff ! :+1:

I want this work in TOP ROW… IT’S AMAZING

Wow i absolutely love this! Amazing work.

Tons and tons of getails! That’s totaly outstanding! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

great work robin.
i always gets impressed of how much detail you put in your scenes. and the quality of them.
but even though they are nicely done i think there sometimes is too much to look at. you don’t really get a clear focal point.

but that’s only a personal pref. looking forward for more.


This is going to be absolutelly awesome! Amount of details on your models is outstanding.

I cant wait to see it finished.

Looks awesome bro ! can’t wait for a colored version :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: !

keep it up .

thank you guys…glad you like it - giving me energy to finish this.:wink:

RasmusW- yeah its my issue,that i mess everything with senseless detail …
but i think andf hope,that in final when each piece will have own material,textures etc,will be visible and readable better :slight_smile:

excellent!!! great work!!!

cant wait to see close ups!!! amazing detail

Insane details, love everything about it! Especially the stitchings in the leather.

Really looking forward to seeing this finished, although it’s gorgeous as it is now. :slight_smile:

This is definitely top row material; your iteration of Cthulu is gnarly as s$!%. Everything is simply superb :+1:

Hey Tes, nice to see some update of your works.
instantly recognisible style.
great as always.