Wise Men

Hi all! This is the model I sulpted on Tuesday’s Multistream inspired by the theme provided, as you can see is one of the three wise men from eastern :grin: :gift: :crown: :crown: :crown:
I really appreciate that Pixologic letting me be part of it, among great artists, it was fun and motivating!, so hope you like it!! and don’t miss the stream video!


Thank you for sharing this on ZBC! Happy you joined us for the Multi-Stream Nacho!

For anyone else who missed the stream, you can see it here:

Love it Nacho. Thank you for joining us in the stream

That was very cool, thanks to all of the artists participating in our multistreams :slight_smile:

Thanks Paul! it was great! :grinning:

Thanks Jaime!!

One more render with a differen finishing


Charming work and so many great tips imparted in the last stream :+1:

Thanks my friend! I apreciate it!

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