WIP Subject Delta Bioshock Fan Art Collectible 1/6 Scale 3d Print

Hi everyone!
I Just want to share some photos of Bioshock Subject Delta Fan Art Collectible Print 1/6 scale.
That I decided Print with my Elegoo Mars resin printer during this quarantine.
Stay tuned I will post more photos.
Feel free to leave a comment.
Hope you like it :wink:

Pos_1070164 Pos_1070166 Pos_1070174 Pos_1070176 Pos_1070179 Pos_1070193 Pos_1070186 Pos_1070191


Great statue and suit details!! Print turned out great

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Thank you very much Solomon :wink:
Sincerely I was not waiting for a comment from you, after having seen many zbrush lives and zbrush zummit, I am always trying to evolve my skill´s.
I will keep posting the evolution of the project :wink:
And thank´s again keep pushing the boundaries with Zbrush :wink:

Love the gear, would make a cool 3D print!!

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Thank you Jaime. But this is the real 3d print peace, I have made a little studio and shoot it with primer :wink: