WIP short movie susano

Hi everybody!

Here are some WIP of a cutscene to the game Susano, performed by students of 3rd year, as the end of studies project at ESMI (www.esmi-bordeaux.net), a French artistic school located in Bordeaux; the game itself will be developed next year.

In a post-apocalyptic world, a special forces Japanese Samurai meditates on the body of his brother in arms. Whereas he seems to be the only one survivor, he will make an unexpected encounter in this devastated world…

And the final result : [vv]45583964[/vv]









Wooow Amazing work! Specially on the buildings

Interesting concept. The Armor looks great.

awesome short film project!really nice!perfect work!

the buildings are amazing!!! how did you keep the poly count so low?did you decimate them?

Great short film. I loved the that the buildings were modeled in zbrush. What a powerful tool and great artist to show us what can be done with Zbrush.

Do you have a workflow on making buildings in zbrush?

great idea and models! I suggest just a little bit more work on animation. it almost ok, but can be improved!:+1:

Really awesome work! :+1: