WIP - Ni - Sapienosaurus Regina

Hi All,

I am a long term lurker here. Been inspired by the work here for over a decade now. I am currently working on this creature for a short film with a small group of volunteers and friends. The short will be called, “Tierra Del Sol”. These look dev renders are a work in progress as I am still adjusting textures, the sculpt and the look development.

More to come.

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One more,

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Another round of renders using 2 new HDR’s from hdrihaven. The coin is roughly the size of a penny and is there to help me gauge scale… and yes that is bird poop above her eye.

Made some shader adjustments since the last round, tweaking the saturation and depth of the sub surface effect, boosted the specular intensity, added a rough specular coat, and increased the brightness of my dust layer. Lowered the frequency of the tiling for the scratches in the dust triplanar. Varied intensity of microbump with my roughness map. Re-enabled a pebble scatter that was off in previous renders but it is mostly lost with this heavy depth of field. Going to reduce the DoF in the next round of renders that will test different regions of the head.